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Personal Information Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Fujikyuko.Co.,Ltd and Fujikyuko Group companies (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall comply with laws, ordinances, and other standards regarding the protection of the personal information of the Company’s customers, clients, etc. used to execute the Company’s business. The Company has also established voluntary rules and systems while considering international trends, and has set forth the following Personal Information Protection Policy. The Company declares that it shall implement and maintain this Policy.

  1. The Company has determined a Personal Information Protection Standard to implement this declaration. This Standard shall be implemented, improved, and maintained while ensuring that Company employees (including regular officers and employees, part-time employees, dispatched workers, etc.) and other related persons are familiar with the Standard.
  2. The Company has formulated a Security Policy to prevent personal information loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. It shall also take appropriate information security measures to protect against unauthorized access, computer viruses, etc.
  3. The Company shall obtain personal information via legal, fair methods. It shall not collect personal information via improper methods. It shall obtain agreement from the subject of the personal information regarding the purpose of usage, etc., or announce the required matters on the Company’s website.
  4. When the Company indirectly obtains personal information, it shall confirm if the information was appropriately obtained by the provider from the subject of the information, treat it according to the contract, and announce required matters (such as the purpose of usage for the personal information) on the Company’s website.
  5. The Company shall confirm that the subject of the information (the person to whom the personal information refers) has the right to disclose, correct, stop usage, delete, etc. his or her personal information. The Company shall respond without dissent to these requests from the subject of the information.
  6. When the Company jointly uses personal information with a third party or entrusts personal information to a third party for work outsourcing, the Company shall investigate the third party and conclude the necessary agreement. Other measures shall also be taken as required by laws and ordinances.
  7. The following General Rules are determined for specific personal information collection and handling.

General Rules on the Usage of Personal Information

Personal information shall be used within the scope of the goal for its collection and only as required for business execution and only by persons who have been given the right for specific business tasks.

Prohibited matters

  • The provision of personal information to a third party is prohibited in principle.
  • No actions may be taken to leak personal information such as using personal information for a purpose other than the goal, taking it away from the location where personal information is usually used, sending it to an external party, etc.
  • Employees of the Company must not share the content of personal information they learned of through work with a third party or use it for unwarranted purposes. Even after the employee has left the position in which he or she handled the personal information, he or she shall take necessary measures in the same way.
  • Personal information containing the following information must not be collected, used, or provided.

    1. Matters related to ideologies, beliefs, or religion
    2. Matters that can lead to social discrimination including due to race, ethnicity, lineage, permanent domicile (excluding information related to the prefecture of residence), physical or mental disabilities, or criminal record
    3. Matters related to workers’ right to organize, collective bargaining, and other collective actions
    4. Matters related to participation in group demonstrations, exercise of the right to petition, or exercise of other political rights
    5. Matters related to healthcare or sexual activity

April 2005


Fujikyuko Group companies

Handling of customers’ personal information

  1. Purpose of usage for personal information obtained from customers

    • To provide products and services, and for after-sales services for provided products and services
    • Required contact for the provision of products and services (including when requesting the sending of products, etc. from a home delivery merchant, etc.)
    • To provide information about the Company’s products and services (information via direct mail or e-mail, telephone solicitation, etc.)
    • To consider and develop new products and services and the software, systems, facilities, equipment, etc. used in their provision
    • To bill and receive payments for fares and fees related to products and services, and for credit protection (includes when payment procedures for credit cards, etc. are requested of a credit company, etc.)
    • To conduct market surveys and other research
    • For management analysis
    • To offer prizes, conduct campaigns, etc.
    • To respond to inquiries from customers
    • To provide corporate information and work experience to students, etc.
    • To ensure the security of customers and employees

    The Company may provide the personal information obtained in the necessary scope for the outsourcing of work to the party performing the outsourced work.

  2. Joint usage of customers’ personal data

    The Company shall jointly use with its Group companies the minimum amount of customers’ individual data possessed by the Company for contacting customers, including name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, etc. The Company’s Group companies may use this personal information for their corporate sales activities; to provide information about events, etc.; to send purchased products; etc.

October 1, 2018

Information security staff, Fujiyama Resort Co., Ltd.

1) Person in charge of personal information handling Eishun Kajihara, manager, Management Department, Fujiyama Resort Co., Ltd.

2) Contact for complaints or consultations Sales Department, Fujiyama Resort Co., Ltd.

Telephone: 055-998-1111

Fax: 055-998-1119


FUJIYAMA SNOW RESORT YETI E-mail Magazine Terms of Service

Article 1 (Scope of these Terms and changes)

These Terms shall apply to all matters between Fujiyama Resort Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Fujiyama Resort”), which operates FUJIYAMA SNOW RESORT YETI, and the member of the e-mail magazine (hereinafter referred to as “the member”) that is offered via the official YETI website, for the usage of the service (hereinafter referred to as “the service”) by the member.

Fujiyama Resort shall be able to add provisions to or change these Terms without the agreement of the member.

The member shall agree to and abide by these Terms in advance when enrolling and using the service.

Article 2 (Membership eligibility)

The member must reside in Japan, agree to these Terms, apply for enrollment to Fujiyama Resort, and have his or her enrollment accepted by Fujiyama Resort.

Article 3 (Enrollment)

The person who wishes to use the service shall agree to these Terms before filling in the specified information on the member registration page of the official YETI website (hereinafter referred to as “the official website”).

When completing the member registration procedures, the person who wishes use the service shall provide the information specified by Fujiyama Resort, with no falsehoods, in order to grant member status.

When the person who wishes to use the service completes member registration, Fujiyama Resort shall regard the person who wishes to use the service as having agreed to the content of these Terms.

When the person who wishes to use the service completes member registration, Fujiyama Resort shall issue the required ID and password to receive the service without delay.

Fujiyama Resort may not register a person who wishes to use the service in cases that correspond to any of the following.

(1) If the person who wishes to use the service does not actually exist

(2) If the person who wishes to use the service is already registered as a member

(3) If there are any falsehoods in the registered information

(4) If Fujiyama Resort otherwise judges that the person is not suitable for becoming a member

Article 4 (Notification methods)

Excluding cases separately determined in these Terms, Fujiyama Resort shall send notifications to the member by sending e-mail to the address declared in advance to Fujiyama Resort at the time of application (according to Article 3), posting information on the official website, or another method judged as suitable by Fujiyama Resort.

When a notification is sent via e-mail as described in the preceding paragraph, Fujiyama Resort shall send the notice to the address declared in advance by the member. The notice to the member shall be regarded as complete when it reaches the member’s e-mail server.

The member is obligated to view the e-mail sent by Fujiyama Resort without delay.

When a notification is posted on the official website according to this Article, the notice to members shall be regarded as complete when the notice is posted on the official website and is available for members to access and view.

Article 5 (ID/password management)

After enrollment, the member can use the member ID and password approved by Fujiyama Resort.

The member must not allow a third party to use, loan, transfer, change the name of, sell, pawn, or otherwise dispose of the ID and password.

The member is entirely responsible for damage caused by insufficient management of the ID and password, usage by a third party, etc. Fujiyama Resort shall bear absolutely no responsibility.

Article 6 (Changes to information)

The member shall send the prescribed form to Fujiyama Resort if any information provided to Fujiyama Resort during member registration has changed.

The member acknowledges in advance that, if the member neglects to send this information according to the stipulations of the preceding paragraph, even if a notice from Fujiyama Resort does not arrive it shall be regarded as having successfully arrived at the time it should have arrived.

Article 7 (Registered personal information)

Fujiyama Resort shall use the personal information registered by the member for the following purposes only.

  • To disclose registered personal information or survey results so that individuals cannot be identified by addresses, names, etc.
  • To provide information from Fujiyama Resort to members via the official website or e-mail. However, the member’s personal information may be disclosed in the following cases.
  • With the agreement of the member
  • If disclosure is ordered by laws and ordinances, a courthouse, government administration office, etc.
  • If disclosure is necessary in outsourcing the management or operation of the service to a management company.

Article 8 (Personal information provision to a third party, joint usage, business outsourcing)

Fujiyama Resort may provide personal information to its affiliated company, sales shop, client, etc. to achieve the goals of its usage. When providing personal information to a third party, advance notice shall be provided and procedures shall be completed according to related laws, regulations, and Fujiyama Resort’s regulations. The required non-disclosure agreement, etc. shall be completed with the party receiving the personal information and necessary measures shall be taken.

When outsourcing a portion or all of Fujiyama Resort’s business, personal information may be provided to the outsourcing contractor. In that case, the required non-disclosure agreement, etc. shall be completed with the outsourcing contractor and necessary measures shall be taken.

Article 9 (Prohibited matters)

The member must not take the following actions in the usage of the service.

  • Actions that violate public order and morals
  • Actions that are connected to crime
  • Actions that violate all rights including the copyrights, intellectual property rights, privacy, or other rights of other members, third parties, or Fujiyama Resort, or actions that may violate these rights
  • Actions that slander or otherwise defame another member or third party.
  • Actions that are disadvantageous to another member or third party
  • Actions that prevent other members from using the service
  • Actions that hinder the operation of the official website
  • Actions for commercial purposes
  • Other actions that Fujiyama Resort judges as inappropriate

Article 10 (Suspension or cancellation of the service)

Fujiyama Resort may temporarily suspend or cancel a portion or all of the service, with no advance notice to members, for any of the following reasons.

  • Periodic or emergency maintenance, inspection, or updates to the equipment and system for providing the service
  • When the provision of the service is difficult due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, etc.
  • If Fujiyama Resort determines that the service must be temporarily suspended or cancelled by Fujiyama Resort due to other operation-related or technical issues, or that service provision is difficult due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fujiyama Resort may change, add to, or cancel a portion or all of the service without the approval of the member.

Fujiyama Resort shall bear no responsibility to the member an aforementioned circumstances causes disadvantage or damage to the member.

Article 11 (Disclaimer)

Fujiyama Resort shall bear no responsibility for damage to a member, regardless of the reason, related to the service provided via the official website, except in cases of intention or serious error by Fujiyama Resort.

Fujiyama Resort shall not provide any kind of guarantee regarding the information that members obtain via the service.

The member shall use the service while understanding that there are natural limits to its security functions, and that Fujiyama Resort cannot fully guarantee that confidentiality will be maintained for the information registered by members that use the service, information obtained in the usage of the service, etc.

Article 12 (Attribution of copyright)

The copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights for the official website's information, design, etc. are all attributed to Fujiyama Resort.

The member possesses no rights to this intellectual property.

Article 13 (The member’s responsibility)

Fujiyama Resort shall bear no responsibility for any damage incurred by the member through the usage of the service.

Any damage caused by the member to another member or third party shall be resolved according to the responsibility and burden of the member. Fujiyama Resort shall bear absolutely no responsibility.

If the member causes damage to Fujiyama Resort due to reasons attributable to the member or an act that violates these Terms, the member shall be responsible for compensation for damage to Fujiyama Resort.

Article 14 (Suspension of the member’s eligibility or erasure of the member’s registration)

Fujiyama Resort may suspend the member’s eligibility or erase the member’s registration with no prior warning if the member corresponds to one of the following.

  • If the member has violated these Terms
  • If there are falsehoods in the registered information
  • If the member has taken improper actions, such as altering the content of the official website, knowingly hindering operation, etc.
  • If Fujiyama Resort has recognized that the person is unsuitable to be a member

Article 15 (Cancellation of membership)

The member may cancel his or her membership in the service by completing the procedures specified by Fujiyama Resort after receiving at least one e-mail magazine sent by YETI.

If the member cancels his or her membership in the service according to the preceding paragraph, the member loses all rights and benefits of using the service at the moment of cancellation.

Article 16 (Governing law)

The laws of Japan shall apply regarding the establishment, validity, performance, and interpretation of these Terms.

Article 17 (Agreement jurisdictional court)

The member and Fujiyama Resort shall discuss in good faith any conflicts that arise related to the service.

If a resolution cannot be reached even after discussion, the Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

Article 18 (Date of issuance of these Terms)

These terms shall be valid from October 1, 2004.